Marine Consultancy Expertise Since 1970

CSA’s international network of specialists and esteemed partners is a key differential in today’s increasingly fragmented marketplace. The trinity of applied science, cutting-edge technology and operational excellence has successfully defined CSA's philosophy of delivering scientifically-progressive and statistically-robust survey projects on time and on budget, whilst ensuring that the associated environmental, legal and political sensitivities remain of paramount concern.

Global Reach

CSA Ciências Oceânicas’ core capabilities extend beyond deep ocean survey and include the environmental preparedness to mitigate marine oil spills, decommissioning of ageing E&P infrastructure, development strategies that protect corals and other sensitive marine life, and justifiable programs for management and disposal of offshore drill cuttings.

Proven Experience

CSA has successfully completed approximately 2,300 projects for more than 600 clients across a range of sectors, including oil and gas, renewable energy, seismology, ports and harbors, dredging, marine construction, submarine cables, among others.

CSA Ciências Oceânicas is able to offer this diverse range of marine consultancy services thanks to its expert personnel and local resources in Brazil, which includes an extensive network of preferred industry partners and ready access to state-of-the-art marine equipment.

One of CSA Ciências Oceânicas’ core focuses right now is the energy market, for which we offer a suite of consultancy services related to the sustainable exploration, development and research of offshore energy resources, mainly in the oil and gas sector.


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